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Selected Key Company Assignments

The following are key completed assignments by KRON working with its associated partners:

Transaction Advisor/Consultant – Apex Pollution Control Company Limited (APEX-PCCL)/Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI) – PPP arrangement to implement the vehicle emission control project under the Government of Ghana’s Pollution Under Control Programme throughout the country from “day one” working closely with the Sector Ministry (MESTI) and the Ministry of Transport (MoT) and their respective departments and agencies.

The Pollution Under Control (PUC) Programme is a two-phased project, planned to be implemented as follows: i) The Phase I – Motor Vehicle Emission Control Project (in 2011); and ii) The Phase II  – Pollution Under Control Project for the Manufacturing, Mines, Oil and Gas Sectors of the Ghanaian Economy. Developed road map for the PPP arrangement and also drafted key MoUs and PPP agreements.

PPP Advising Consultant – Drafted a guideline for the development of successful Ghanaian Public-Private-Partnership, with emphasis on both public-led PPP and market-led PPP. The draft is being discussion with the Ministry responsible for PPP and Ministry of Finance & Economic Planning.

  • Advising Consultant – (Golden Beach Hotel Limited) To conduct a detailed situational review of the finance and investments operations of Golden Beach Hotel. To develop a Request for Proposal (RFP). To review and analyze bids received from prospective strategic partner(s). To update the Valuation Report of Golden Beach Hotel and bring it to currency.
  • Advising Consultant – End of Term Evaluation of the Trade Sector Support Program (TSSP). (A Ministry of Trade and World Bank Sponsored Project). This was an M&E project aimed as assessing the extent to which output of the program has been attained.
  • Advising Consultant – Development of a Monitoring and Evaluation System for the Natural Resource and Environmental Governance Sectors of Ghana ( a Ministry of Finance & Economic Planning and World Bank Project). This assignment involved the preparation of sectoral Monitoring and Evaluation System for the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, Ministry of Environment Science and Technology, Minerals Commission, Environmental Protection Agency and the Forestry Commission.
  • Advising Consultant – Commercialization of Volta River Authority (VRA) Schools Department into a Self-Sustaining Commercial Entity. ( Volta River Authority and World Bank Sponsored Project). This Assignment involved the preparation of a new business plan and financial projection and subsequently looking for strategic investor to partner the VRA Schools department with the objective of turning it around and making it profitable and self-sustaining commercial entity.
  • Advising Consultant – The appraisal of the project for the facility to acquire up to USD 125 million senior secured term loan in favour of “SWAP Technologies and Telecomms PLC” in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This consulting assignment was executed for E Bank for Investment and Development (EBID).
  • Advising Consultant – Best Practice Review of Business Development Services ( A Ministry of Trade / World Bank sponsored Project) – Development of Best Practice Business Development model for Ghana based on international best practices in Singapore and Ireland.
  • Advising Consultant – The Ghana MSME Project (a Ghana Government/World Bank financed Project) – an M&E assignment for the Ministry of Trade, Industries, Presidential Special Initiates and Private Sector Development – to conduct a Mid-Term Review of the Ghana MSME Project.
  • Advising Consultant/ R.K. Nartey – Ministry of Trade, Industry, Private Sector Development & PSI (MoTI/PSD-PSI)/Private Sector Development Strategy (PSDS Project) – an Independent Review of the 3- year Strategy and Business Plan of the Ghana Investments Promotion Centre, GIPC.
  • Advising Consultant – The Ghana MSME Project (a Ghana Government/World Bank financed Project) – an M&E assignment for the Ministry of Trade, Industries, Presidential Special Initiates and Private Sector Development – on the preparation of issue paper for the mid-term review of the Ghana MSME Project.
  • Financial Consultant (to GFA Consulting Group)- The Support Programme for Enterprise Empowerment and Development (SPEED) Ghana: conducted a social and economic impact assessment of the various form of credit provided through intermediaries to Micro & Small Enterprises (MSEs) in the private sector engaged in the production, services and trade sectors.
  • Financial Consultant: SPEED GhanaConducted systems and package review and also developed an appropriate strategy for the re-launch of the POCKET ACCOUNTANT, an Accounting Software developed by Competency Based Advisory (CBA), which was financially supported and marketed to qualified and selected MSMEs in Ghana.
  • Consultant – Micro- & Small-Scale Enterprises (MSEs) Market Study under the GTZ/PSME Project in 2001: local partner and Business Development Services Providers for Accra, Takoradi, Kumasi and Ho.
  • Local Consultant – GTZ/Government of Ghana Support to SMEs in 2001: An International Financial Sector Study, whose input was included the design of an Implementational Framework for the Financial Support for SMEs in Ghana the European Union.


  • Project Advising Consultant for the Dadin Kowa Hydro Electric Dam in Nigeria– This is an ongoing project and KRON is the Transaction Advisor (Financial, Technical and Operational) for the construction of 40 MW Dadin Kowa Hydro Electric Power Project in Nigeria.
  • Advising Consultant – Capacity building support for the ECOWAS Regional Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERERA) – The World Bank Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF) for ECOWAS.
  • Reviewing Financial Consultants – Project Peer Review – Economic and Financial Analysis for the West African  Power  Pool INTERCONNECTION PROJECT for Han (Ghana) – Bobo Dioulasso (Burkina Faso) – Sikasso (Mail) – Bamako (Mail).
  • Implementing Leader of the Executive Team – of a Leading African Utility Company responsible for the overall management of the electric utility in a constrained economic environment.
  • Chief Executive Experiences – Project development, mobilization, disbursement and reporting on donor funds from multilateral institutions including the World Bank Group, European Investment Bank, African Development Bank among others. The restructuring of both short and long term debt and implementation of various power projects including projects under the Takoradi and Tema Thermal Plant Projects, Transmission lines under the West Africa Power Pool, the West African Pipeline Project.
  • Planning & Programming of a Leading African Utility Company – Planning, budgeting and operational reviews; project development and structuring.
  • Financial Advisers – United Nation Environmental Programme (UNEP) –Technology, Industry, Economics, Energy and Ozon Action: The Development and Design for the implementation of the Renewable Energy and e-Sustainability Initiative (REeSI) Project in Ghana.
  • Financial Sector Adviser – SEM Financial Services/International Finance Corporation, USA: Ghana Micro Small and Medium Enterprise Project (MSME) access to finance assessment Banking Sector Advisor.
  • Local Consultant – AFRITEL GHANA LIMITED: The listing of a Ghanaian Telecommunication Company on the Alternate Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange (LSE) – on-hold.
  • Investment Advisor – Flight Services Limited /NAS Airport Services Limited: The Acquisitions of Airways Catering Limited, a subsidiary of the liquidated Ghana Airways Limited.
  • Investments Advisor – ERK Consortium Limited: The Acquisition of Danafco Limited, a pharmaceutical manufacturing and wholesale company, form its existing shareholders including Ghana Venture Funds Company Limited and IFU of Denmark.
  • Investments Advisor – Narrok-Kpong Farms Limited: A joint-venture arrangement for the management of the existing assets of Kpong Farms Limited, a subsidiary of the Volta River Authority (VRA).
  • Previous Privatisation under the Government of Ghana/World Bank SOE Privatisation Exercise working with the Divestiture Implementation Committee (DIC) include the following:-
  • The Coca-cola Bottling Company of Ghana Limited (GNTC Bottling Company)
  • Gliksten (West Africa) Limited
  • Phyto-Riker (GIHOC) Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company Limited.
  • As per the experiences of its management team of the company, specialized advisory services were provided for the preparation  work and relevant documentation for the privatization of the following financial institutions:
  • National Investment Bank Limited (Financial Advisory Team)–Privatization was not completed due to Government intervention.
  • Ghana Commercial Bank Limited – Completed all financial due diligence for the implementation of the privatization exercise.
  • Advisor and Implementing Consultant – Crest Finance House Limited: Managed the process of incorporation through to the application of a non-banking financial institution operating license processed by the Bank of Ghana, to the operation set-up and business commencement stage. The company specialized in the provision of import and export SERVICE FINANCE for SMEs in Ghana.
  • Advisor and Implementing Consultant – North Tongu Rural Bank Limited (Micro-finance provider): The development of appropriate accounting and loan management system, and organizational restructuring in line with good corporate governance.
  • Advisor and Implementing Consultant – First Allied Saving & Loans Limited (Micro financial institution): The development of appropriate banking operating systems and manuals in line with good corporate governance also a 5-year business plan.
  • Advisors – Granites and Marble Company Limited: Corporate Organizational restructuring in line with good corporate governance.
  • Advisor IPALCO Ghana Limited: Corporate Organizational and Financial Restructuring to achieve profitability and solvency.
  • Structured receivable-back transaction for the importation of special equipment and medical supplies for the Ministry of Health and Ghana Broadcasting Corporation.
  • The company developed the concept for the introduction and implementation of a uniform accounting and compliance audit for the Telecommunication Service Providers in Ghana for the adoption of the National Communication Authority as a revenue generation mechanism for Government.
  • The company developed the frame work for the introduction of telecommunication tax as a means of revenue generation to supplement the ineffective “old-economy” tax systems.
  • As per the experience of its management team, the company has advised on the development of several business/project plan and feasibilities for project with close to 70% implementation success in Ghana. Below are some across the various sectors of the Ghanaian economy:
  • PSG International Limited (Information Technology and office automation company),
  • Gharty/Eye Consultants Limited (Specialised Eye Clinic),
  • Continental Complex Farms Limited (an ostrich farm project),
  • Bondex Limited (paint manufacturing company),
  • Pearl Jewellery Limited (gold ornament processing company),
  • Roger Smith International Ghana Limited (fishing vessel and cold store management company),
  • Narrok Farms Limited (food crop farm),
  • Crest Finance House Limited (Non-banking Financial Institute),
  • Blue Financial Services Ghana Limited (Non-banking Financial Institute),
  • Fumbisi Rural Bank Limited, etc.
  • Conducted several training programs, drawing from the experiences of it management and selected Associated Partners in the training of middle to top management officers, corporate directors and shareholders alike in corporate good governance, project management, project financing, human resources management, investments analysis, project cashflow analysis, etc.
  • Conducted also specialised tailored-made training programme on demand for clients in the public sector, especially members of parliament, civil servants and also the Ghanaian private sector clients.
  • Development specialised training requirement on Monitoring and Evaluation principles, process and system, during the execution of the M&E Systems for the Natural Resource and Environmental Governance Sectors of Ghana which involved the preparation of sectoral Monitoring and Evaluation System for the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, Ministry of Environment Science and Technology, Minerals Commission, Environmental Protection Agency and the Forestry Commission.
  • Ghana Netherlands WASH Programme Sustainable financing for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises(MSMEs) for WASH  Market exploration and viability assessment – A study to address Information market demand survey – Information on the MSMEs/ where relevant communities that will be served; and also assess the characteristics and volume of financial services required
  • Conducted several polls and very specific narrow market research subjects in Ghana like: preference of TV programmes during peak hours; favourite cellphone networks, etc.
  • Development specialised training on Market and Research Collection Technics and principles for the Ghana Marketing Association Trainees.



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